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The Story of Its Creation
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Let’s be clear from the start, we are Bloody Mary enthusiasts. We love the kick of spice, the salted rim of a glass, and a fresh garnish to munch on. Nothing could be better. And it’s not just us...let’s face it, the Bloody Mary has become central to American culture. They’re always around as old friends come together to tailgate before weekend football games, and they’re essential to parties being thrown for everyone else who doesn’t have a ticket. The Bloody Mary is found among weekend golfers, and the chilled salty drink sits among the gloves and goggles of skiers as they settle in for apres ski. The cocktail has always been a perfect fit for brunch, mid-afternoon parties, and any gathering of friends and family. At some point in time for everyone, the Bloody Mary has even been the perfect hangover cure. 


A few years ago, we found ourselves in the company of friends who dodged and avoided the bloody mary. “Tomato juice just isn't our thing!” Strangely, the more we encountered people who didn’t like the Bloody Mary, the more we heard the harsh anti-tomato-juice refrain.


It felt as if too many people were missing out on one of the most significant cocktails of our time, so we forged ahead with a mission in mind. Initially, we stumbled across a few recipes to produce a Green Bloody Mary. They included almost anything green, including kale, cucumber, and celery. The recipes tried to claim a connection to the bloody mary, but when you put the ingredients together, they felt more like failed attempts at health drinks. The drinks were most definitely not reminiscent of the Bloody Mary drink that everyone has grown to love.


Fortunately, our experimentation in the kitchen left us fully aware that a single, delicious ingredient was our answer - the tomatillo. With the tomatillo as our base, we set our sights on developing the classic cocktail in an entirely new way.  Using ingredients traditionally highlighted in southwestern recipes, we found ourselves chopping cilantro, juicing limes, and dicing onions, garlic, and a mix of peppers (jalapenos, poblanos, habaneros). We tried multiple combinations, refining the blend until friends said we had a taste that was just right. At last, the recipe was complete.


We are pleased to share our product with all of you; it’s the very first Green Bloody Mary to be produced and available for sale. It’s delicious, spicy, and filled with kitchen craftsmanship. No matter who you are, we’re sure you’ll find Salty Iguana is a mix that flips the classic cocktail on its head. It’s a taste that’s familiar, yet entirely new. You can’t go wrong with either flavor (Original or Habanero). Try it with vodka, or kick it up a notch by mixing it with tequila - they’re equally delicious. 


At last, there’s no reason that anyone should be at the party without a Bloody Mary. Cheers!


Stuart  and Brad 


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