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The Green Snapper
  • 4 oz of Salty Iguana Mix (Original or Habanero)

  • 1 oz of Gin

  • Chile Habanero Hot Sauce (Optional)

  • Garnishes (Optional) 

  • Rim Salt (Optional) 


Rim your glass, shake all other ingredients over ice and strain into salted glass. Garnish and serve!


Suggested Rim Salt  - Use a lime or lemon to moisten the rim of your glass, then combine chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, celery salt, and pepper. Next, you want to evenly dip the rim into whatever you're rimming your glass with.


Suggested Garnishes - Garnish the top of your bloody mary with a celery stalk, pickle, strip of bacon, olives, and lime wedge before serving.

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